Most Expensive Buildings in Africa

5) The Pearls of Umhlanga – $138 Million

Image result for 5) The Pearls of Umhlanga

Located in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa, the Pearls of Umhlanga is a 31-floor Dubai-style luxury residential and retail project. It is located on the beachfront between the 5-star Beverley Hills Hotel and the Cabana Beach resort. The first of three phases to this project was sold out in six weeks, drawing investment of almost $34 million.

4) Portside Tower – $138 Million

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The Portside Tower is the tallest building in Cape Town. This skyscraper is jointly owned by FirstRand Bank and Old Mutual. The construction work began in August 12 2011 and completed in 2014. It is designed to use low energy technology and is the first large building in the country to use almost exclusively LED lighting.

3) Corinthia Hotel Tripoli – $152 MillionRelated image

This skyscraper is a 5-star hotel. Located in Tripoli, Libya, the Corinthia Hotel Tripoli (Corinthia Bab Africa Hotel) is located in the center of the city, near the central business district. It was opened in 2003 by the Shukri Ghanem, then prime minister of Libya. The hotel is run by the Maltese Corinthia Hotels International.

2) AU Conference Center and Office Complex – $200 MillionImage result for AU Conference Center and Office Complex night

Located in Addis Ababa, this building is the headquarters of the African Union. Addis Ababa is the capital of Ethiopia. The main building is 99.9 meters tall. The construction costs were funded by the Chinese government. It is the tallest building in Addis Ababa.

1) Bibliotheca Alexandrina – $220 Million

Related image

Bibliotheca Alexandria is a major library and cultural centre located in Alexandria, Egypt. It is on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. The library has shelf space for 8 million books. The main reading room covers 70,000 square meters on eleven cascading levels.

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