Cocoon paper container grows trees in the desert

The ‘Cocoon’, an initiative of the Country Life Company ensures that trees can grow in hot and dry areas. This green solution ensures reforestation is possible. The biodegradable water tank Cocoon allows trees and plants to grow and thrive without irrigation. Because there is no pipe required, the technique seems to be more effective than other natural restoration methods.

Cocoon: a Paper Pulp Doughnut for Planting Trees in the Desert |  Biodiversity |
The biodegradable water tank Cocoon allows trees and plants to grow and thrive without irrigation.

The method has proved successful in several projects. One of the projects was in a dry and denuded area in Al-Ghat (Saudi Arabia). Moringa and Acacia trees are growing on the spot because of this green water tank. A year after the trees have been planted, 70 % of the Maringa trees survived and 80 % of the Acacias. The trees are feeding themselves with strong and healthy roots, enabling them to obtain sufficient water and nutrients from the soil.

COCOON: Sustainable Planter Gives Life To Arid Land - MaterialDistrict

Water tank

The cistern part of the Cocoon is made of paper pulp, crop residues and grasses. Due to a finish with natural wax, the container is waterproof. In the middle there is space for the growing tree. When a tree is planted, the reservoir is filled with water. The tree gets systematically water from the tank. The tray, which contains 20 to 30 liters of water, can keep alive for twelve to eighteen months. In addition, the container creates balance in temperature. At night, the reservoir is and at daytime it’s cooler. “

Cocoon sales in Spain & Portugal, Volterra Ecosystems

Anti-evaporation screen

A cylindrical sheath protects the plant against the sun, wind and small animals. An anti evaporation screen above the reservoir eliminates the evaporation of water in the ground and prevents the growth of weeds in the vicinity of the crop.


After a certain time, the components will be degraded and the area will be restored with trees. The Cocoon offers opportunities for nature restoration and for agroforestry and landscaping. Landscaping focuses on greening example highways in dry climates.

This Cocoon Can Help Us Plant Trees Even In The Desert

Below is a short demo of how it works

Courtesy of and Land Life company on YouTube


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