2m year-old hoof prints left by ancient antelope discovered in Tanzania

The print was discovered at the Olduvai Gorge in Northern Tanzania, an area that has been ripe for discovering evidence of ancient human ancestors by chance.

Researchers from Heriot-Watt University found the three well-defined animal foot prints in Tanzania that are believed to be almost two-million years old.   

The three tracks are approximately 7centimeters (2.8inches) in length and according to the study’s lead author, Tessa Plint.

The Fossilized prints are in such good condition as they had been imprinted on fine volcanic ash.

Having such artifacts is useful in helping understand the eco systems that existed at a specific time in the past.

The ancient Olduvai Gorge was very similar to the modern day Africa Savannah, for example the Serengeti, with it’s open field of long grass and patches of woodland. But due to volcanic activity the lakes turned saline.

Rivers and nearby freshwater springs that fed into the lake, however, were able to support animals and ancient human ancestors.

Such finds offer a unique glimpse of the past and they help us understand what life would have been like at a certain point in time.

In May 2020, fossilized footprints of women foraging for food some 19,000 years ago were found at Engare Sero Tanzania

The findings have been published in the journal Ichnos.

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